Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Creativity Challenge Day # 1 A "NEW" technique !!

I consider myself pretty crafty and like all different types of media when I am crafting, so for today's challenge I decided to go beyond my normal A2 card and challenge myself to a new folding technique.
I chose the WINDOW FOLD technique, all I can say is I am so impressed with how simple it was to do.  I have to say that this card has a "WOW" factor about it.  My husband even said "WOW" and he is usually not very easily impressed....lol 

I think my card making has reached a new height from this simple little fold, and now after months of trying to look like I knew how to make a card.  I can honestly say OMG thats a great card.  And you know the best part about it all is I can say " I DID THAT". 

Hugs & Scraps



ScrappinCricut said...

Your card really turned out too cute! Great job!

trendyscrapper said...

This really looks great I love this folding technique nice card.

Michele said...

What a gorgeous card! I think I may need to try new techniques too!


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